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The 76ers have officially installed Elton Brand as the new GM of their G-League affiliate. "It’s a totally different mindset and a totally different type of energy," Brand said at his introductory press conference. "I’m discussing players and trades and the business side of it. I was exhausted yesterday. Basketball is one thing but it was a different kind of tired. I’m looking forward to growing in that aspect." Brand retired from playing professionally just a year ago, but his passion for the game wouldn't permit a lengthy layoff.

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Aug 29 - 5:52 PM

Elton Brand    F/C  Hawks



The 76ers are planning to hire Elton Brand as the General Manage of their G-League team. Brand retired in 2016 and has already been working for the 76ers as a development consultant, but he was always expected to take on more responsibility with the front office.
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#RareNBAPics Elton Brand has officially retired.. https://t.co/iMtiucXtLI
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