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A Georgia superior court issued a ruling to suppress all evidence and dismiss a felony drug case against Mike Scott on Tuesday. The judge presiding over Scott's case ruled that there was no "probable" cause to arrest Scott and his brother after a traffic stop on July 30, 2015; and that the search of Scott's vehicle was not conducted properly. Scott will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and he should have a much easier time landing his next contract with this case no longer pending.

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May 02 - 5:00 PM

@big_john819 @Super70sSports @brianmctaggart Now imagine throwing Mike Scott in there in a few years. Good heavens.
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Awesome job helping kids out at the #bikerodeo, fellow volunteer @mike_scott_21 Two more days of fun! https://t.co/Fkc69DezoP
@BTRowland Younger but more talented mike Scott.